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FAQ for Collectors

Where I can purchase your painting?

Do you paint with oils or acrylics?

I paint with high class, artistic oil paints. Almost exclusively.

Do you paint on canvas or wood panels?

Basically, I prefer hardboard panels. They are easy to prepare, strong and very durable. Sometimes I glue canvas to panel. Occasionally, I paint on stretched linen canvas. But in most cases - I use 4 mm HDF wood panel, covered with white gesso. Smooth and stiff surface - that's what I like!

Do you frame your paintings?

Unfortunately, no. I sell them unframed. I can secure them better and shipping cost is lower.

Where do you live?

Poland, Europe.

Do you ship worldwide? How much does it cost?

Yes, I do. I can ship my painting to every place on earth. Shipment costs - 10$ worldwide. International sales are shipped with Polish Postal Service (Priority Mail).

How long I have to wait for my painting?

Whenever possible, I will ship the next day. The delivery time for your order depends on the location. For example: from Poland to USA it takes 2-3 weeks to deliver. Please, keep that in mind and be patient. :)

How do I pay for an item?

You can pay simple and safe using Pay Pal!

Can I return painting?

Yes. Returns are accepted in 14 days from delivery.

Do you varnish your paintings?

Of course. When I'm sure that the paint is completely dried, I use final varnish to protect every painting.

Do you provide certificate of authenticity?

I sell my paintings with my own certificate of authenticity at back. The certificate contain information such as: artist info, title, medium, size, date, signature.

Do you take commisions?

Sometimes... I do.

I still have some questions...

I'm happy to answer any questions. Fell free to contact me.

Thank You! :)