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sobota, 11 kwietnia 2015

Daily painting "YELLOW APPLE" (oil on board 16x22 cm)

Sebastian Talar "YELLOW APPLE" 2014. Oil painting on board. AVAILABLE!

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Zalicytuj na eBay!

I have to admit that I see many artist doing those daily paintings, but only about 20% of those painters are worth buying...

Anyway, it's a great thing for artist. They can improve their craft, grow, expand their talent and sell paintings, which is always motivating. Is this a hard work? Yes. You have to be artist, manager, graphic, web designer, corrector, website administrator, photographer, you have to pack and ship your paintings. It all takes time.

Benefits? Well, if it takes just one day to do finished painting, you can sell it for lower price. People can start collect art, without spending a lot of money.. You can ship your paintings worldwide, just like letters, which is amazing! It doesn't matter where you live. I will never go to those places, but my paintings can do it! Unfortunately, I don't have as much time to paint, like I wish I could have... Days are very short...

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