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piątek, 3 kwietnia 2015

Daily painting "THREE LEMONS" (oil on board 13x24 cm)

Sebastian Talar "THREE LEMONS" 2014. Oil painting on board. AVAILABLE!

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I like to experiment. This is first painting on size 13x24 cm. Alternative size gives new perspective and new ways of arranging still lifes. 

It is good to see my paintings are far way better, than a year ago. This is huge benefit from painting on smaller size. Funny, but I've heard teacher in art school long time ago and he used to say, that you should always take the biggest canvas you can find... I disagree. Untill you're not one of those abstractionist modern painters, you should start on small... and progress from there.

I have more panels cutted in this size, so you can expect some more in near future. This is also available on eBay. 

By the way... It's 2 April and I have snow outside my window... Frustrating.

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