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środa, 1 kwietnia 2015

Daily painting "STILL LIFE WITH APPLE" (oil on board 13x19 cm)

Sebastian Talar "STILL LIFE WITH APPLE" 2014. Oil painting on board. AVAILABLE!

Bid on eBay!
Zalicytuj na eBay!

My paintings are also available on eBay. I'm trying to sell through Etsy, but it's seems to be a little bit overrated... See, I have more views at my website, than on Etsy. In fact - much more...

When I first heard about that platform, I though there is a really big traffic there. Lot's of people looking for original art, more customers, more sells... etc. Well, not really. I upload painting and I have something like 20 views. I'm serious!

I've uploaded more than 20 paintings and all of them have something like 250 views. It's amazingly "stunning" result. Hahaha! So far, I have sold only one painting...

Happy Easter!

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