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wtorek, 31 marca 2015

Daily painting "STILL LIFE WITH LEMON" (oil on board 13x19 cm)

Sebastian Talar "STILL LIFE WITH LEMON" 2014. Oil painting on board. AVAILABLE!

Bid on eBay! 
Zalicytuj na eBay!

More than a month... and no post. It's amazing how easy it is to... stop painting! Absolutely - no problem. Hahah...

Lately, I've noticed that painting with frames are really hard to watch in blogger. Frame is too big and you can't see the details.  Let me show you those paintings in "raw form" for a while. Anyway I sell my painting unframed... I can ship them anywhere with priority mail - fast and cheap.

Although, I really recommend to spend a little more money for a great frame. It' worth it! A nice, exclusive, solid frame can change the way people will respond to exact painting. It' just adds the points to overall score... ;)

Bad, cheap frame can ruin that effect very quickly...

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