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wtorek, 27 stycznia 2015

poniedziałek, 26 stycznia 2015

Daily painting "PEAR ON TABLE" (oil on canvas board 13x19 cm)

Sebastian Talar "PEAR ON TABLE" 2014. Oil painting on canvas board. NOT AVAILABLE.

I just want to take a break from apples paintings. Classic theme. Pear on table. This is 13x19 cm oil painting on canvas board. It has visible canvas texture and hardboard archival advantages. Buy them now! (Becouse, they will not be that cheap for too long... Hahah!).

piątek, 23 stycznia 2015

Daily painting "GOLDEN APPLES" (oil on board 18x24cm)

Sebastian Talar "GOLDEN APPLES" 2014. Oil painting on board. AVAILABLE!

Those yellow apples are one of my favorite subjects to paint. I absolutely adore their color. Since Russian embargo for Polish apples is still immutable, I fell very patriotic painting apples... Ahaha! (We're gonna eat them all! Don't worry, folks! Click here!). Comments are most welcome!

poniedziałek, 19 stycznia 2015

Painting "CANDLELIGHT" (oil on board 18x24cm)

Sebastian Talar "CANDLELIGHT" 2014. Oil painting on board. RESERVATION

This is not a daily painting. It took me more than one day to finish. In fact, I've started this painting one day, left it and returned after one month. I had to quiet down my artistic senses for a while... :)
I wish I had more time to do painting like this.

niedziela, 18 stycznia 2015

Pytanie za 100 punktów...

Jak się nazywa nasza Poczta Polska po angielsku? Możliwości jest kilka: Polish Public Post Service, Polish Post, Polish Postal Service, Polish Mail? Brytyjczycy mają Royal Mail, Amerykanie - USPS. I wszystko jasne. A my?